The 2016 Campaign Begins

       Thanks to the many registered voters who signed the petition to have my name placed on the primary election ballot for the Windsor-Orange 1 House District. I have been privileged to serve the people of Royalton and Tunbridge for three terms and would be honored to serve a fourth term if chosen by the electorate. 

        The legislature grappled with a number of difficult policy questions over the past biennium. Working together, we developed long-term solutions to improve the quality of Vermont's waterways; stronger policies to guard children and vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect; more robust programs to prevent and treat substance abuse; a community-driven process to shape a more sustainable and equitable public education system; and "Vermont" styled renewable energy policies and practices. 

        The primary election is already underway as voters begin to cast their absentee or "early vote" ballots. Voting concludes on Tuesday, August 9th with traditional voting at local polling locations. I look forward to an engaging campaign and humbly ask for your support.


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